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We will be happy to share your stories with our elite audience. …

It’s time to grind and swim in dollars

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2020 was one phenomenal rollercoaster year in history. The Covid-19 lockdown and its ripple effects paralyzed the finance of so many. If I ask about your experience, you’ll have something to say.

But bygone is bygone…

Know this and know peace.

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We all had that particular turning point that sparked off something new in our lives, right? Yeah, it might be a seminar you attended, or a retreat, a YouTube video you saw, or just anything you can think of.

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All my friends are bagging six-figures. You know, almost everyone in my league are meeting their financial targets. My inner circle friends are top fast-rising content writers.

In my way, I've also been growing. At least, I'm not the least in our clique. …

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Where we are today is largely due to our past decisions. History has blessed us with tons of precedents in this regard.

Other things being equal, the rich and the poor are so because of their decisions concerning pieces of information that they have received.

Almost everyone will say that…

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The life of a man is like a race. We have to always be on the track running. An average human being is forward looking.

We are always looking up to our mentors with our arms akimbo; thinking of when we will reach their levels.

Asides from that, whenever our…

God always listens - Koinonia
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I am the calm type. I speak softly, laugh, crack jokes, and write about African soups on my WhatsApp status. With this kind of lifestyle, most people always think I’m not worried about anything.

Life is pretty much more volatile than someone laughing as though he is unique or exempted…


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Friendship is one of the vital and best things in the world. We all make friends everyday. Our coursemates, roommates, the girl that complimented your cuteness recently; we share a kind of bond.

And there is one thing about friendship: it grows little by little. At first, you may be…

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I am very sure that you are friends with so many people of your opposite sex. It’s unlikely that all your friends will be of your sex.

And if we are to say the truth, there is this kind of surreal relationship that can only blossom between two people of…

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I’m sure you belong to a lot of associations too - Church, sports, philosophical, financial, and anyone that you can think of. And all these things are good.

You know, the richness of who we are is in our circles. …

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