Covid-19 and Canadian Schools: How Students Have Been Coping with Online Tutoring

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How the Covid-19 pandemic started booming so quickly is still a shock to the world. As a result, several activities had stood like pillars of salt. Almost all the sectors are affected by the pandemic one way or the other.

In this regard, the educational sector is not without an exception. The curriculum of Canadian students initially suffered a halt. But one thing peculiar to humans is adaptation.

Hence, in this article, we will take a critical perusal at how online tutoring has come to the help of all and sundry in the educational sector. We will briefly analyze the advent of online tutoring and see how it has been helping Canadian students so far.

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Covid-19: How It All Started

The novel virus was first noticed around late last year at Wuhan, Hubei Province in China. And like wildfire, it has escalated and went viral throughout the world presently.

Some argued that it was a biological weapon fired by any of the world powers. But the scope and veracity of that are beyond the scope of this discourse.

According to the WHO, this deadly zoonotic virus shuts down the respiratory system within days. The most agreed cause is an infected bat and seafood.

Ever since the virus erupted, several national governments had stationed policies in place to checkmate its unprecedented spread. In that regard, regular sanitation and social distancing had become the order of the day.

These preventive policies although from a well-meaning perspective had disrupted quite a lot of activities—not only in Canada but—throughout the world. International trade, sports, flights had their fair share of this disruption.

But it would interest anyone to ask that, what is the impact of this pandemic on the Canadian educational system? And how had the students been coping so far?
We are examining that in our next subheading. Right? Peep in.

How the Canadian Government is Responding to Covid-19

As a result of national policy and measures, the traditional method of pedagogy had been halted. Students couldn’t gather in classes like they used to because of social distancing. Quoting the UN, more than 22 countries of the world still have their schools locked.

However, since education is essential and indispensable, no virus should stop it. Moreover, it is high time we started going digital in every aspect. Hence, the whole world had seen a need for online tutoring.

Before proceeding, it is noteworthy to appraise the government of Canada as she implemented the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB). That has been pretty helpful to make the students cope at this time.

Knowing fully well that Canada has a pretty good number of indigenous students, with several foreign students already studying or eyeing to ace their academic pursuit. The government has been responsive in handling this.

At least, the government had scored well in economic stability, the welfare of international students, alongside the safety of the citizens. For instance, in the bid to ameliorate the effect of the pandemic, the Quebec immigration ministry has extended the stay of international students.

It’s not an understatement to say she has been a top country that handled the pandemic best.

Deducing from a recent survey report from some Canadian students, they had now started to enjoy the online tutoring and less bothered about the traditional face-to-face approach.

How Online Tutoring Had Been Helping The Students in Canada

Presently, online tutoring—both governmental and private—has been right and center in Canadian education. It helps the students to maximize these trying times.

Before now, online tutoring has not gained so much attention compared to the present one it’s getting. Most students just take online courses for personal development purposes.

But more than before, the Online Tutoring Industry has boomed and skyrocketed in demand. Parents want their students to keep pressing on their academic pursuits because no one even knows how long this will last.

In this regard, worthy of note is the booming and effort of tutoring agencies like Book Smart Tutors Inc. Book Smart Tutors had been helping so many students to cope with this Covid-19 pandemic by proferring credible online tutoring.

They cover the Greater Toronto, Vancouver Area, and Calgary. Their service span across quality teaching programs for students from Kindergarten to University. Everything is done according to the provincial curricula.

Their online tutoring had received applause- both by the students and other bodies. And what are the requirements before enrolling in their programs? Just a laptop and a swift internet connection. Fantastic, right?

The incorporation boasts of professional tutors who hold quality degrees in their respective fields. And as a result, all the students have mind-blowing reviews about the online tutoring sessions.

And the most amazing is: they are easily accessible. You don’t need any registration fees or contracts to get started. They can find a seasoned tutor for your ward between 2-5 days. Book Smart Tutors can sharpen the understanding of your child in any subject and with awesome resources. Fantastic, right?

Having provided sound services with value-rich tutors, the impact of Book Smart Tutors had been recognized by the Canadian authorities. In the year 2018, they were ranked among the Top 25 Most Popular Services! Also, the Toronto authority rated Book Smart Tutors among the Top 3 Tutoring Services in Toronto.

My two cents: if you are ready to have one-on-one or outstanding online tutors for your child, you can simply log in to their website now and get started.


Of a truth, the covid-19 pandemic electrocuted the world and caught everyone off-guard. This also affected schools and the academic curricula of the students in Canada. But definitely, this too shall pass.

And as discussed above, online tutoring has been playing a vital role in giving the students quality and sound pedagogical service even during this pandemic.

In that regard, we focused our laser on Book Smart Tutors Inc, one of the top tutoring companies in Canada, and how they have provided powerful coaching for students to cope in these trying times.

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