It's High Time You Had Role Models and Mentors

2021 was a stretchy year for me. I moved beyond my comfort zones and I went all out. I juggled a lot of things: Academics, Content Marketing career, Personal Development, Relationships, Walk with God, and all that.

It wasn't easy at the start, but I got used to it. I would attend classes in the day, read and draft my notes at night, still find time to write and network with people. At the end of the day, it was worth it.

This same year, I experienced more limelight in my career than I ever had. In this brief piece, I'd be discussing one of the things that helped me achieve my goal faster.

What I'd be sharing with you today is the role of having role models or mentors.

Chill, I know your fears about having mentors and I'd address it now. You don't want to be their prototypes, right? Or you don't want "mentors" who would exploit and make you their puppet.

Your fears, or feelings, are valid. However, the fact that you feel that way is the more reason you should have role models and mentors.

In your career, you'd always need someone to put you through. Remember, a single decision is enough to mar the career you've been building for years.

Personally, I feel this post goes to my role models. I have them all around.

Some of them put me through when it comes to academics. Some of them help me out regarding careers. I also have spiritual role models too.

In each aspect of my life, there is always someone I look up to. Most importantly, I leveraged someone’s years of experience when you have them as mentors.




Content Marketer | Content Strategist | Content Writer

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John Fáwọlé

John Fáwọlé

Content Marketer | Content Strategist | Content Writer

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