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Without a doubt, Shopify has been gaining grounds and fast becoming a go-to for online store owners. The customized websites had been instrumental in the successful commercial careers of so many people.

It’s not only pretty good for sellers, but also buyers. It makes you get things at your fingertips and in consonance with the present—swift—level of technology.

However, SEO friendliness is as crucial as marketing itself. In essence, bad SEO might ruin your late-night marketing plans. That is the more reason most companies and brands have an SEO department on its own.

You have set up your store on Shopify; crossing your legs and expecting sales to troop in baby boomers. Do you know you should first make your Shopify Website SEO friendly with LangShop?
Well, this article will elucidate that and explain how important is it for you to make your SEO smile at customers so they can make you smile as well.

Are you curious to know this? No suspense. Let’s begin.

What is SEO?

Yes, what is your understanding of SEO? What do you perceive it to mean? Well, simply put, SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. That might even trigger us further into asking that, what is called the Search Engine?

Search Engines—like Bing, Yahoo, and Google—have a pretty complex mathematical formula for rating the content on the web. This is mostly known as a search engine algorithm.

Take for instance: you can search for "Ways to Expand my Shopify Marketing," and 10 websites will pop-up with content to answer your query. Have you ever thought about the websites—and blogs—that are on the 4th or 30th page?

They don’t gain readership and traffic, right? That is search engine optimization playing out!

Search Engine Optimization is all about you making your website or content be in sync with algorithms so it can rank higher and gain more credibility on the world wide web. Could you now see why so many bloggers and marketers spend so much on SEO?

It’s a method of proving to the algorithms that your site offers the best in a particular area or niche. And you do this with relevant KEYWORDS. What do you want your Shopify website to rank for? Is it t-shirts or home appliances? Appropriate keywords apply.

In essence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of gaining visibility, credibility, and ranking on the Search Engine so your target audience can easily locate you.

Why You Need an SEO-friendly Shopify Website

Some store owners often fold their arms and relax once they have built and hosted their website on Shopify. Well, that simply defines the reason some are selling far more than the others— even in the same niche.

Your Shopify website—although already built—needs to be optimized. And more importantly, it should be friendly. Unfriendly SEO turns off an average reader and taking this step might be the best decision you’ll make.

Better put, your Shopify website’s SEO friendliness makes it easy for the Search Engine to crawl it and understand its content.

The first reason you need an SEO-friendly Shopify Website is that it will increase your organic traffic. When most people only read within the first 5 posts after they have inserted their query in the Search Engine.

And you stand to gain a lot with this. The friendlier your website is, in terms of SEO, the higher it ranks in the Search Engine Results Page. Meaning a huge log of customers will be running over themselves into your site.

In the same vein, you need it for a better UI. User Interface is—simply—how appealing the outlook, font, theme, and buttons of a mobile app or website. Your website as a whole and your website links, do they have a good UI?

Do users seamlessly navigate your through your website freely and intuitively? This goes a long way in determining if your website is SEO-friendly.

LangShop App Makes Your Shopify Website SEO-friendly

So far so good, we have discussed the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how you should position your website to be in sync—or friendly—with it. In that regard, we must unveil a vital app to help your online store out— LangShop App!

How does LangShop become very useful in this regard? We will take a few minutes to address two powerful ways the LangShop app makes a Shopify website user-friendly.

The first thing is LangShop makes Shopify websites friendly for users and search engines. Cordiality with the users and search engine is next to gaining ranking and credibility. LangShop App ensures this.

Of course, we had discussed how the LangShop app works with the Shopify theme to make its UI look much more appealing and magnetic. This is a beautiful step to make readers flow more with it.

Moreover, most people access Shopify with their mobile phones, hence, the LangShop provides a pretty responsive outlook that works for both desktop and mobile phones.

Furthermore, the translated pages get dedicated URLs that affects positively website SEO. Generating backlinks and internal links help your website. But friendly dedicated Universal Resource Locators surely interacts with your users more.

Just like the way we find it hard to read illegible handwriting, the Search Engine doesn’t find it quite easy to unedited links. Therefore, the LangShop app has an inbuilt dedicated link generator to customize your links and make you rank higher.

Importantly, you can have a problem with duplicate content if you don’t have dedicated URLs. And Google will penalize you for that! Have you now seen a strong reason you need LangShop App?


Of truth, Search Engine Optimization is crucial to your marketing campaign on Shopify. And more importantly, your website should be friendly with two entities; the search engine and users.

In light of this, LangShop App is a pivotal instrument to help you out in this regard. Judging by the mind-blowing reviews and how this app is being used by most Shopify store owners, it is apposite that it is worth his salt.

Do you want to take the bold step and boost the SEO of your Shopify store? Get LangShop today and get started!




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John Fáwọlé

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