Your COPD Patients Should Start Playing Mouth Organ!

The Wonder of Harmonica

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Harmonica was the first musical instrument I played as a kid. The soul-thrilling notes you make from breathing in and out of the mouth organ were therapeutic no doubt. I can play other instruments like the piano, but I still have a soft spot for the mouth organ.

Music is no longer some distant thing, it is part of our lives. Every day we sing, hum melodies, or sing tonic sol-fa. The same thing applies to the mouth organ, even though I started playing it for fantasy as a kid, I don’t see myself leaving it anytime soon.

Did you know that the mouth organ—apart from its sweet melodies—also enhances breathing in a way that shocked medics? Recently, some avid medical researchers from Baylor University Medical Center experimented and they reported that harmonica improves chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Whether you had been playing or you want to start, this post will enlighten you to know the more reason you should keep playing the mouth organ.

What is a Mouth Organ?

Otherwise called harmonica, the mouth organ is a free-reed aerophone; or better put, a wind instrument. It has a series of holes for the player to exhale air from, or blow air into; thus making melodies.

Harmonica—although the most popular—is not the only variation of mouth organ. There are several other types like Sho, Sheng, and Melodica. It’s safe to say that different parts of the world have their version of mouth organ.

Have you seen a grand piano or a keyboard with black and white keys? Now imagine its miniature that is played with the mouth. That is how a mouth organ looks like. It comes in several colors, but folks often love the silver type.

And, it’s quite interesting to know that harmonica is the easiest musical instrument anyone can learn. The survey should that 8 out of every 10 newbies get to play harmonica the first week they start practicing.

Moreover, Harmonicas come in different keys—from C to A#—hence you should purchase the one you can easily flow with. Also, there are chord harmonicas. It all depends on your taste, and how you want to play.

Do you now know what a mouth organ or a harmonica is?

Mouth Organ Improves COPD

The World Health Organization reported that close to 65 million people are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and it kills more than 3 million people annually. Indeed, respiratory diseases had been a leading usher into the mortuary.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a harsh inflammatory lung disease that makes breathing extremely difficult. Experts have confirmed that 72% of COPD patients got it as a result of smoking.

But there is good news! The good news is not about a drug or anything, instead, it’s about a small wind instrument. Amazing, right? Medical experts have recently confirmed that mouth organ helps COPD.

By the way, this is not only for COPD patients, it’s also for anyone who loves music and wants to enhance the ease of breathing.
Mary Hart led a team of other researchers at Baylor University Medical Center, and they experimented with this possibility—with consent—on the COPD patients. The therapy lasted for 12-weeks and an optional 6-month follow-up program.

The hospital employed music therapists who taught the patients how to play the harmonica; notes, scales, chords, and pitching. The therapist focused more on their breathing patterns, and scheduled classes for them throughout the week.

The patients were recording an incredible—yet gradual—improvement. And most importantly, the 11 participants that ended the therapy after 6-month experienced a total recovery from COPD.

This astonishing success has spurred several physiotherapists and medics to adopt this method in treating similar diseases.


Over and over, the sound of music has proven to not only heal the soul of man but even the so-called physical or real ailments. And something as small as harmonica has the potential to improve a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Isn’t that amazing?

And as we have stated earlier, mouth organ is not only for COPD patients; it’s also for you and me.

We need it to be happy and drown out our soul in the fragrance of melodies. As you inhale and exhale air while playing the harmonica, be rest assured that you’re balancing the notes of life, and nourishing your soul with the peace that you deserve.

I still play harmonica, and I hope we can get to play together one of these days. Ciao!

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